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Who are Almesaed?

Accountants and legal auditors

We are pleased to offer a wide range of services to various facilities. Our expert and staff are highly qualified and distinguished in many relevant areas. Almesaed office has been accredited for the practice of accounting and auditing by the Saudi Commission of legal accountants and the practice of financial and administrative consulting by the ministry of commerce and investment.

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Our services

We ensure that our professional service are provided within the framework of our vision to all sectors of government public and private institutions, such as individual enterprises and companies of all kinds, through a specialized working group that is highly qualified and experienced.

1. Auditing and auditing of accounts

This is done according to:
  1. Globally accepted and locally prepared auditing standards.
  2. Evaluation of the internal control system and audit of accounting policies.
  3. Evaluation of documentary cycle.
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Design or evaluation of the financial accounting system or the customer-friendly cost system.

  1. Accounting policies/ classification of accounts.
  2. Documentary accuracy/ working mechanism of cost instructions and procedures/ cost reports.
  3. The working mechanism of the cost instructions and procedures/cost records.
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Design, evaluation or reorganization of the appropriate administrative structure of the client's activity.

  1. General and detailed organizational structure.
  2. Term of reference and functional responsibilities.
  3. Administrative regulations.
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4. Consulting services for the transformation to the international financial reporting standards for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises according to the requirements of the commission

  1. Raise awareness of international standards for principal managers and members of audit committees.
  2. Planning and developing a strategy for the transformation of international standards.
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Alms and tax

  1. Linking alms declaration.
  2. Provide advice and assistance in the link mechanism.
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Cases, disputes, Inheritance distribution, financial and commercial disputes

  1. Study and audit of cases referred to us by judicial authorities or by their immediate owners.
  2. Working to resolve these differences through friendly and controlled solutions.
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Our Location

Saudi Arabia - Riyadh King Fahd Branch Road,
Phone : +966555 1234567

work hours

from Monday to Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Saturday 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM
Sunday Closed

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